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InVenture is a leading advisor to small business and entrepreneurs, as well as a recognized expert on innovation and strategy for businesses of all sizes.


Client Testimonials

…you made such great contributions to the recent AI2V [Advanced Invention to Venture] workshop. …I am so proud of the opportunity to work with you. Thank you so much.
     — Sharod Ballard, Enable Ventures

Sharon Ballard

Some very interesting things are happening. We should be closing a $1M raise within 20 days, with an additional raise coming within 2-3 months. They were very impressed with how prepared we were and we told them that it was all due to your great guidance and getting us prepared.
     —Matt Signorello, ISPBX

Matt Signorello

…thorough and professional in performing the task, providing a very tangible and immediate benefit to the customer. … My professional observations: he has a sharp analytic mind and is a great resource…
     — Franz Busse, Senior Vice President at

Franz Busse

I have collaborated with Aron on various entrepreneurial initiatives at NJIT including grant applications and targeted advice to start up companies in our business incubator. He always brings a fresh perspective and valuable insights.
     — Judith Sheft, Executive Director New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology

Judith Sheft

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